Welcome to the gun show.

If by 'guns' you mean technical know-how and second-to-none customer service. Yeah, totally what you meant. Thanks.

IT Support Services

Look, we get it. We offer a lot. The easy part is that we help you figure out what you need and what you don’t. We believe the whole point is for you to think less about solving an IT problem and more about what your business can do.

The Cloudwize Advantage

Besides the comprehensive services we offer our clients, we have also developed our own technology to help anticipate, solve, and manage requests from our ongoing clients. These solutions are created specifically to serve our customers better, but they’re pretty great dancers too. Must have learned it by watching us and knowing what not to do.

Your helping hand, RITA

RITA (Remote Information Technology Assistant) is a sassy but sweet portal app who loves taking support requests right from the comfort of your own computer. No need to call us or email asking for service, instead as soon as the problem appears you can log it and start a ticket thanks to RITA’s convenient form. She’s a laid back but confident woman, who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She might prefer a good book to a night out, but don’t let that fool you. She can probably drink you under the table.

Meet your mate, CARL

CARL (Cloudwize Automated Report tooL) is a kind but shy software application that loves making sure everything is clean, tidy, and running smoothly below deck. He might not say much, but he keeps an eye on your whole business. If there’s ever an issue, he’s there to tell us what happened, sometimes before you even notice there was a problem. He’s our man on the ground and lets us access your infrastructure easily and remotely to keep you operating. He’s a tireless worker but likes to spend any time off sending RITA joke tickets and working on restoring his 1972 Holden Torana. Yeah, we have no idea why either.

How We Work

We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and approach all interactions with our clients in the same work cycle. Click on a section of the process to learn more.


These big ears aren’t for nothing. We listen, and seek to understand not just what you need, but what your goals are for the future.


‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’. We help you figure what it takes to get there, with clear milestones along the way.


We’re a devil for the details, keeping a high standard of quality, and remaining flexible to hit moving targets and shifting plans.

Regular Engagement

This is an ongoing relationship where we stay in touch, address any questions, and keep up-to-date on your business so we’re always ready to help.

Monitor & Improve

We provide regular, insightful reporting and are always looking to create more efficient systems using the best technology available.

Seek Feedback

We’re always excited to hear how we’re doing and what we can do better.  It helps us get to know you better and find new ways to help your business.

About Us

Our Solutions

Along with our own software solutions, we are proud to work with many incredible companies and partner with them to provide you the best possible service.

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