More like 'proud guys'.

Okay we’re not great at puns, but we’re really good at IT. Like, really, really good.

About Us


Our industry-leading system allows us to triage every incoming request and respond to it incredibly fast. Almost like we’re staring at the phone waiting for you to call. Not creepy.


The vast majority of every support ticket we receive is resolved within the same day. Imagine all the pie you can eat with that saved time. Like, an unhealthy amount of pie for one person.


We like to refer to it as ‘vendor-agnostic,' but we only recommend what’s essential. It’s why we also don’t have a sales team, because we’re driven by good service not commission.

The Cloudwize Approach

Even though we’re up to our comically large glasses in futuristic technology and certified expertise, we know the most important part of this business is the people. The people we serve, the people they serve, and of course our own amazing people that provide us the bragging rights of how great we are at what we do.

Meet the Team

GALACTIC leadership
Daniel Sherwood
Daniel Sherwood


Daniel is one of the region’s leading IT professionals, and has been successfully supporting the hardware and software needs of corporate and local customers since 2001. He brings to Cloudwize significant industry experience in a broad array of technologies and disciplines, and despite being the director he still manages to close the most support tickets. He’s an expert in strategic planning, and has no concept of shame, the combination of which makes for endless pranking.

Jo Byrnes
Jo Byrnes


Jo spent 17 years in the financial markets of Sydney & Melbourne and brings a wealth of business and people management expertise to the Cloudwize team, with 6 years’ experience as a Chief Strategy Officer and Group HR. She's an expert communicator with an uncanny knack for turning tech-talk into human-speak and uses the full weight of her mediation experience in her unofficial role as Head of PPCR (Post Prank Conflict Resolution). Although she raises the most internal support requests, she's also in charge of payroll so that's never a problem.

David 'Woody' Spruce
David 'Woody' Spruce
Chief Technology Officer

Cisco Cert Network Assoc

Woody brings years of IT support experience from a wide range of industries. He’s an accomplished Senior Project Engineer who rocketed through the ranks of a 140 strong technical team before docking at the Cloudwize ISS, allowing him plenty of time to hone his substantial standup material. He is responsible for solution design, complex projects, and project management. As Quality Manager, he’s always investigating the latest tech to ensure our standards and delivery are out of this world. We’d make a SpaceX comparison, but his fan-girl scream would be deafening.

And a dedicated Crew

Our larger team is made up of exceptionally skilled engineers, software experts, and customer service gurus. We wouldn’t be who we are without their hard work and dedication, and each member of our team is carefully selected to share all of our values and work ethics. They’re the face of this company on site, and the slightly more pixelated face during remote service. They all love what they do, and we all have a lot of fun along the way. We tend to settle dissidence quietly through an established tradition of lightsaber combat.


There are currently no job vacancies.

Sorry, there no vacancies at the moment. Check back regularly for new opportunities and postings.