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Maintaining Good Password Hygiene (Part 1)

One of the good things to have come out of the turmoil and chaos that was 2020 has been the awareness of how important internet security has become for all of us, and the dangers presented when it’s ignored.

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When to Engage an MSP

Over the past decade, engaging a managed IT service provider (MSP) has quickly become a popular approach for modern day SMEs to acquire their IT services, but how do you know when your business is ready?

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5 Golden Rules for Help Desk

Working on a Help Desk is not for the faint-hearted. Help Desk only hears from you when something has gone wrong, usually at the worst possible moment imaginable; when you need a print-out for a meeting or a report for an important deadline. It’s rare to get a call from a user saying, “Thanks team, all of my technology worked today!” Actually, that never happens…

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