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Let's make technology fun.

Complete IT solutions for any business by a dedicated team of certified, expert, propeller-heads.

We're Cloudwize

We’re a relationship driven IT service provider, partnering with regional businesses who rely on technology to power their company forward. We provide high level support, comprehensive infrastructure, and the security assurance to help avoid costly downtime.

It’s a relationship that balances remote services with in-person interaction, allowing our clients to focus on what they’re great at: running a business.

Rita & Carl

What We Do

Unlimited IT Support
IT Support
Security Solutions
Cyber Security
IT Projects
IT Projects
& Planning
Procurement and Asset Management
Procurement &
Asset Management
Proactive Monitoring
Our Services
“Cloudwize is more of a partner to us than a provider. They prioritise understanding our operations, are quick to respond, and proactive in recommending improvements to security, business continuity, and more. They take every enquiry seriously and professionally, but also bring a unique sense of fun.“
Tamworth, NSW

Our Fearless Leaders

Our team is made up of many dedicated individuals, all working together to support the growth of our clients. These captains of our starship are bravely forging a new frontier in customer service, cutting-edge IT technologies, and wondering why one ship can have multiple captains. We’re not entirely sure, but we’re guessing it involves a talking stick.

Daniel Sherwood
Daniel Sherwood
Jo Byrnes
Jo Byrnes
Jo Alker
Jo Alker
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