Tamex Transport

Optimising IT for a 24/7 Service Company

Tamex Transport

Tamex is an express freight service provider servicing New South Wales and southern Queensland. It prides itself on delivering a premium freight service to its customers with a minimum standard of 99+% delivery in full, on time (DIFOT). Founded in 1991 in its Tamworth headquarters, Tamex has expanded over the years and currently has six offices across NSW and Queensland.

Tamex has been a client of ours since the beginning, a relationship going back over ten years. Since that time Tamex has become more family than client, and as they’ve grown so has their reliance on technology for day-to-day operations.

The Challenge

With most of their business applications being hosted at their Tamworth headquarters, each branch office is reliant on those essential systems to continue operation. They’ve asked us to make sure they’re always leveraging technology in the best way, prepare them to avoid or manage any unexpected disaster, and help them maintain their incredibly high standard of day-to-day service.

Our Solutions

There were multiple factors to consider when approaching this project, including availability of fibre internet links, two office relocations, and the fact that Tamex is a 24-hour operation. Looking at these factors, rather than seeing challenges of running multiple major projects, we saw the opportunity to make strategic decisions that reduced the amount of labour and downtime, and allowed for a seamless cutover.



We created a scalable, secure, and consistent user experience across all Tamex offices. We produced a plan to migrate the core infrastructure into an enterprise grade datacentre which could be securely accessed by all of the Tamex offices.

Email Migration

Email Migration

We migrated away from an on-premise mail server into Microsoft Office 365 and the various third-party business applications. We took a multi-phased approach, upgrading internet links and security infrastructure, migrating email to Office 365, and then cutting over core systems and business applications to the datacentre.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Our approach in creating this solution for Tamex took into consideration region challenges with unexpected events such as power failures in the main office impacting the whole business productivity and flood possibilities with Tamworth sitting in a flood plain. We looked strategically at their IT architecture in order to plan proactively around these factors.

The Results

The result is a robust, easily-scalable infrastructure, with core-systems hosted in a leading data-centre which has opened avenues for business continuity, high-availability and disaster recovery which were not available to Tamex before. Cloudwize has been able to downsize the footprint of on-premise equipment at each office while delivering superior performance and consistency across all their sites.

Client Growth


increase in Tamex staff

since 2015, supported by our strategic IT planning

Downtime Prevention


decrease in potential failure points

on their corporate network after cloud migration

Constant Support


of resolutions happened in the same day

with an average 4.4 minute response time

Project Management


major IT projects executed

since 2013, enabling client growth and evolution

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