24/7 scanning of your systems

Proactive Monitoring

Keeping an eye on things

It’s a well-known fact, mind-readers make life much easier. By proactively monitoring your IT infrastructure to ensure we know about issues before they appear, Cloudwize is able to make your life easier. For example, a common problem is when a disk drive becomes full, or the backup fails. Proactive monitoring allows us to identify and plan for these issues and then deal with them before they impact the operation of your business. See? Mind-readers. Sort of. 

Cloudwize’s service includes 24/7 monitoring of your IT system’s core components to allow us to proactively resolve an issue before it impacts your business.

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Proactive Monitoring

Our monitoring platform alerts us to issues such as:

  • Backup failures
  • Hardware failures
  • Internet outages
  • Lower server resources
  • Pending updates

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Monitoring 24/7

Our 24-hour monitoring may identify crucial issues after hours that need urgent resolution, particularly cyber security breaches and infections, or hardware failures that will significantly impact your operations. Efforts are made to contact the client to advise and discuss, however, Cloudwize will implement a minimum fix to secure the network if the client cannot be contacted. We will apply all measures deemed necessary to prevent the spread of infection and minimise the impact on your business operations until a more detailed plan can be established. 

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