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Business Continuity

Industry-leading recovery solutions

We know that life happens, whether its spilling coffee on a server or a natural disaster. We also know that costly downtime isn’t an option for your business. That’s why Cloudwize has industry-leading backup and disaster recovery solutions.

In the event of a network outage or infection, we thrive in allocating the necessary resources to restore your operations as quickly as possible. Network outages can relate to various factors such as power interruptions, internet outages, or the failure of other infrastructure central to your network. Cloudwize prioritizes these issues by diagnosing the fault and rectifying where possible – in the case of longer outages caused by external factors, or if parts are required, we implement solutions to ensure you stay online.

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Business Continuity

Backup strategies

Access to backups is critical to any restore event. We work closely with you to implement an appropriate disaster recovery strategy to ensure multiple sources of data are available to restore from, whether you’re on or off-site.

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Repairs and maintenance

Like any other business equipment such as machines and vehicles, IT networks will break down from time to time. As a trusted provider, Cloudwize guarantees to get you back up and running when trouble strikes. Additionally, you have access to our professional and skilled technical team through our Help Desk service. 

We are committed to meeting our service standards and take responsibility to monitor and maintain the hardware and software applications covered in each support agreement. While our aim is to always fix issues in record time, we prioritise based upon a triage system for critical and non-critical issues to ensure business continuity is maintained. 

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