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Cybercrime continues to cost companies and individuals around the world billions of dollars a year in loss and damages, while growing its ability to affect nearly every corner of society. On the other side of this new war, Cyber security is a rapidly evolving field that requires constant and ongoing investment to keep up with each new threat. Technology presents boundless opportunity in a borderless world but it’s a constant race with each new vulnerability discovered to deploy the proper protections before it can be exploited. Cloudwize is a proactive partner in this ongoing battle and a team you can rely on to keep your company safe. 

Cloudwize has been regularly engaged by boards and business owners to review their organisation’s IT environments against the framework outlined by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).  This framework is called the Essential Eight Mitigation Strategies.  Our reviews identify gaps and prioritise mitigation strategies that help improve an organisation’s cyber security posture. Properly implemented, the Essential Eight Mitigation Strategies is so effective at blocking or avoiding targeted cyber intrusions and ransomware that the ACSC considers these to be the baseline for all organisations.

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Cyber Security Solutions

Our methodologies include:

  • Adoption of the best practices of the Australian Cyber Security Centre 
  • Checking open ports as part of regular maintenance checks
  • 24/7 monitoring of anti-virus on all PCs
  • Active email filtering and review of quarantined emails
  • System alerts in place to check if user accounts are being utilised for brute force hacking attempts
  • Source professional independent Pentesting reviews
  • Review and maintenance of clients’ desired cyber security posture against the ACSC’s Essential 8
  • Professional development, monitoring of forums, and regular engagement with cyber security specialists to maintain knowledge and understanding of emerging threats and protections. 

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We believe a secure IT network is the result of a strong partnership between us and our clients. We work together to achieve a suitable base security standard, then, with the right tools in place, our technical skills and know-how come into play.

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