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Doing business in regional Australia is personal. We regularly see our clients at community events or the supermarket, and when we do, we want our clients to have good things to say about us. This motivates us to do an outstanding job, every time.

Just like our clients, Cloudwize is a regional business, so we understand that services solutions can be less accessible than what our metro cousins enjoy. At Cloudwize, we strive to deliver IT services of the same or even better standard and we do this by embracing best of breed technologies to support our clients. We recruit staff for skills, expertise, and the ability to communicate effectively so our clients can absolutely trust that we can do the job. We invest in ongoing learning, development, and process improvements to ensure we're always up-to-date and able to deliver.

We leverage all of this to offer highly skilled team members to work with our clients on consulting assignments and major projects. We also offer a vCIO service so that our larger clients can leverage our skills both in the boardroom and around the management table.

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vCIO, Consulting & Projects

vCIOs can help you in all areas of IT including:

  • Ongoing strategic IT advice and leadership support
  • Board and executive meeting attendance
  • Operational reviews
  • Policy development
  • Vendor management
  • Budget and risk management.

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What is a vCIO?

Regional organisations have a unique challenge whereby their effectiveness and efficiency can be underpinned by technology, but there is not a sufficiently compelling argument for investment in high level internal resources capable of driving that journey. The evolution of the vCIO, or Virtual Chief Information Officer, is a solution to this challenge. 

The vCIO allows organisations to draw upon strategic technology resources on a part-time basis, accessing the skills and expertise needed to align operations with both best practice methodologies and strategic business objectives.

The vCIO service primarily focuses on understanding clients’ strategic objectives and helping them to understand the business impact of their technology decisions, along with assisting in the creation of their technology solutions.

Our vCIOs possess strong technical backgrounds and are skilled in a wide range of IT platforms, technologies, and strategies.

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