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April 2022
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Cloudwize Partners with GLAMS

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In late February 2022, Cloudwize had the immense honour of partnering with the Gilgandra LocalAboriginal Medical Service (GLAMS) to open their new Medical Centre.

A significant part of the population in Gilgandra are indigenous, so ensuring that there are culturally sensitive services available to the community was a vital part of this initiative.

It’s important for regional medical services to have access to fast and timely IT support so that they can serve their communities. Historically, remote regions like Gilgandra have not had the luxury of fast and reliable internet access, until the rollout of the NBN in late 2013. Now Indigenous medical centres throughout regional Australia can be linked through high-speed connections and supported by Cloudwize.

Cloudwize has been working with the Regional Aboriginal Services in the North-West region for over ten years, so we were glad to be able to donate our IT services for set up and offer a reliable partnership.

Being a part of this project was important to us as a business, not only for the community involvement, but also for our staff to know that they are doing work that is contributing to outcomes for broader communities.

We’re so thrilled for the Gilgandra community and to be part of something that’s giving back.

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