IT Support: RITA – Your Remote IT Assistant

Picture this. Your internet service goes down. You call your provider, except they put you on hold. You wait hours to talk to someone for them just to tell you to try turning it off and on. This story is all too familiar to so many people.   It’s no secret many IT support providers can be slow to take action. And in this day and age, people need a quick response to their technological needs. However, unlike our competitors...

Cloudwize is known for our industry leading response times.  Where the IT industry triages tickets in hours, we review and assign tickets in minutes, ensuring issues, large or small, that are impacting people from doing their jobs are escalated and dealt with quickly.  Cloudwize’s operations have been deliberately designed to be highly responsive so our clients can focus on what is important to them, doing the things they do best rather than hanging around waiting for IT.

Cloudwize clients log tickets with us by the usual methods of phone or email, but we find that the information we receive is sometimes less than what we need to be able to action the request quickly.  This means we contact users for further information and sometimes we end up in that place of purgatory known as PHONE TAG - yikes!

To stand out in the IT industry, Cloudwize has employed innovative technology to avoid the hassle of Phone Tag and locate the source of the problem quickly and painlessly. No phone calls, no being put on hold, and no more slow service? With our objective of outstanding customer service firmly in mind, we knew there had to be a better way and we found it, or should we say, her, in the form of RITA, our Remote IT Assistant.

Who is RITA to those in need of IT support?

RITA is a little app that quietly sits on our users’ desktops and networks, minding her own business until someone needs her.  Like any superhero, she’s prompt to answer a call for help and is ready to spring into action at any time of the day or night.

How does RITA offer IT support?

What RITA does best is guide a user through a series of questions which helps them to provide the most useful information they can, allowing us to more accurately identify the issue, assign it to the right technical team member, and generally avoid that phone tag hell.  RITA can help you to take snaps of dialogue boxes and automatically attach to your ticket.  She also ensures that when your support request reaches us, it’s already set up in our systems with all the user information we need so we can get started straight away.

Need a quote for some new equipment? Often there are lots of options that we can't answer without your input.  If you log a quote request with RITA’s help, she’ll ask you many of those questions then and there, so the next time you need to think about this is when you’re approving our quote.

What if there is a Global Outage in the IT industry?

RITA also assumes the role of Caped Crusader during a crisis.  If there’s an outage at a site, a core application that is experiencing issues, or even a global outage that’s impacting people around the world, Cloudwize communicates with impacted users via RITA, sending out alerts that keep everyone aware and informed with regular updates.

What happens if your computer is down? Don't worry, RITA can still help.  RITA can also be set up on your mobile phone or tablet ensuring she’s ready to help whenever and wherever you need.

If you’ve not yet been introduced to RITA, then check out this video on how she works.  There’s also more information on our Resources page, including how to install her on your mobile or tablet.

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