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December 2021
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Upcoming NBN Changes and How to Prepare for Them

Cloudwize was recently advised that NBN Co (or National Broadband Network) will be activating new features on their network.

New Features

These new features include ones called:  

Save Our Showtime (SOS) and Robust Overhead Channel (ROC)

They are designed to improve the stability of a VDSL2 line (the Very high-speed Digital Subscriber Line 2) by preventing dropouts due to sudden large noise bursts. The NBN has advised the changes will take place in January 2022.  While these improvements are positive, unfortunately, incompatible modems will either fail when a line experiences noise or take a while to re-sync and both scenarios will lead to outages for client sites if left unaddressed.

What We Are Doing to Help

Cloudwize’s response has been to move rapidly to review all our client sites to identify those that will be impacted. This has been a significant undertaking as there are several factors involved in this review, including:

  •  Assessing connection type (for example NBN Enterprise Ethernet, Fibre to the Premises, Fibre to the Curb and Fibre TID sites will not be impacted)
  •  Determining whether current router/modem hardware is eligible for a firmware upgrade, can be upgraded, or needs to be replaced.

We have been working with our Vendors to identify appliances in production that will be affected and appropriate solutions. Some Vendors are sending out replacement parts directly to client sites and we are making sure our clients understand the importance of these parts, what they need to do, and to assist with any issues.  Some of our clients have multiple components impacted or multiple sites with different requirements. We are now finalising a customised solution for each and every client we work with to ensure their networks are ready and their operations unaffected come cutover.

If your business can’t operate without your IT network, then it’s important that you speak with your IT provider to ensure any risks resulting from these impending changes are identified and the right solution for your business is in place in time.

Contact Us Reach out to a Cloudwize representative or visit our website if you have any questions regarding the upcoming NBN changes.

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