Cyber Security

Cloudwize is a proactive partner in the ongoing battle against threat agents who have discovered technology presents boundless opportunity in a borderless world, unconstrained by traditional law and order systems. Cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar global “industry” and the degree of technical innovation embraced by such forces proves a constant threat to all corners of society.

Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving risk factor and requires ongoing investment to deploy protections as new vulnerabilities are detected and exploited by dark threats. The protection of client networks requires a multi-layered approach but this must be balanced with the need for organisational agility.

Balanced Approach

A network too locked down reduces productivity and encourages users to circumvent security practices, while a network without adequate protections is vulnerable to significant operational, financial and reputational risk. A middle-ground solution is key to securing networks without forcing users to jump through hoops or find workarounds.     

Tamworth Regional Business Summit 2020
     (Postponed until October 2020)

Cloudwize Technologies is pleased to be a sponsor of this event and will be hosting a workshop presented by two of Australia's leading Cybersecurity experts. Click here to get your tickets.

Louisa Vogelenzang

Louisa Vogelenzang is an associate managing director in the Identity Theft and Breach Notification (ITBN) team of Kroll based in Melbourne. Louisa has enjoyed a distinguished career leading security technology, services and teams for Australia’s largest telecommunications group, a global systems integrator and managed services provider. Louisa leads the expansion of Kroll’s ITBN practice in Australia and across Asia Pacific, helping organisations prepare for and comply with regional data breach notification laws as well as assisting consumers impacted by identity theft. In 2017, she was seconded to The Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Cyber Resilience Task Force and in 2019 she spent three months volunteering with IDCARE, a not for profit dedicated to identity and cyber security support in Australia and New Zealand.

Melissa Misuraca

Melissa specialises in information security culture programs. Her mission is to improve the security culture of her client organisations through effective education, change management and behaviour reinforcement. A ‘non techie’, Melissa’s CV includes ASX200 companies and household name corporations to prove she’s got what it takes to master the ‘human side’ of cyber security.

Working Together

A secure IT network is the result of a partnership between the client and Cloudwize, where we are both committed to securing and protecting the network and business critical data. To do this, there are minimum standards of security which clients must invest in, and there are globally recognised best-practice technical standards that Cloudwize delivers every day. Cybersecurity is evolving continuously, so these minimum standards are under constant reassessment. Regular feedback and discussion ensures that together, our clients and Cloudwize work in partnership to meet these challenge as they arise.

Now the Propellor Heads Have Their Say

Securing a client's data is what we do. It's a multi-layered approach and we have a whole range of tools in our expert kit bag if you're interested in the mechanics of what we do:

  • Anti-virus, firewall and bruteforce prevention technologies with current licencing and proactive monitoring to ensure the latest security definitions are deployed;
  • Regular renewal and refresh programs, ensuring all hardware and software, including operating systems, are maintained within Vendor life cycles;
  • Ensuring all critical network infrastructure is kept under warranty to be able to access parts and support in a timely manner;
  • Penetration testing and checking open ports as part of regular maintenance checks;
  • Active email filtering and review of quarantined emails;
  • System alerts in place to check if user accounts are being utilised for brute force hacking attempts;
  • End-user phishing training;
  • Acceptable Use of Technology policies to guide employees’ actions and that these requirements are conveyed to Cloudwize to ensure effective implementation and controls;
  • Investment in additional layers of security as cost/benefit assessments identify needs.

With the right tools in place, Cloudwize’s technical skills then come into play. We implement the best practices of the Australian Signals Directorate & the Australian Cyber Security Centre (

And our job is never done. The rapid shifts in cybersecurity require us to continuously invest in professional development and peer engagement to maintain knowledge and evolve our understanding of emerging threats and protections.